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    This Italian Keratin Glue grains is everything you need for a seamless hair extension! Italian Keratin is the ideal bonding glue to help attach fusion hair extension onto your real hair. It’s suitable for all kinds of glue-in hair extension.

    How to use Italian Keratin bonds?

    keratin glue is used to connect pre-bonded hair extensions to wearer’s real strands. Use a heat fusion iron or glue pot to melt the grains and then apply it directly to your hair. You can use Italian keratin to reinforce the glued extensions you have stuck before but got loosen recently, also.

    How to remove keratin glue?

    It is an exceptionally easy task to get rid of the glue. Italian keratin glue could be easily disintegrated just by some few drops of acetone. Then, use a removal pliers to smash the bonds until it turns into powder. Finally, comb out the dust and wipe the hair stresses to make it clean again.

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